ITIL 4 Streams and Certifications
philip allsworth 16 Jul 2020 14:55

I tried asking a few training companies this and no one can come up with a straight answer. Its all a bit "we think so" rather than yes /no soi thought i woud ask those who shoud hopefully know.

I just passed the V4 Foundations and am now looking at the next step. My plan was to look at the Strategic Leader path due to it all being self funded and the DPI being the cross over course.

The questions i had are basically:
1 - Can i do the SL stream without doing the MP stream first.
2 - Does each section have an exam certification so for this path there would be 2 module exams and an additional one for the SL level or is SL granted on completion of the modules.

I only had the V3 Foundations initially so cant do any of the transition level ones.  I do know the last module isnt available yet on the SL stream but i have to do it all in my own time so working my way gradually through it all.

Hope someone can help.

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14 Aug 2020 06:38
Hi Phil,

I have just passed the ITIL 4 Foundation and I have my next two courses booked, Create, Deliver and Support and the Direct, Plan and Improve.  My understanding is you can do either stream so you can do the Strategic leader stream without completing the Managing Professional.

I believe that the strategic leader designation is granted on completion of the 2 modules, i.e. complete course and pass 2 exams.  I do not believe there is a requirement to do a third exam for the SL level.

Hope this helps.


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