The business doesn't need IT anymore! - 2030 Week Day 3 - ITSM
Harri Freeman 14 Dec 2016 09:46

Welcome to day 3 of 2030 week on AXELOS Community!

We've reached the midway point of 2030 week and you could be on track to walk away with a £25 Amazon voucher! It's not over yet though, so let's keep the ball rolling!

Today we want you tell us whether you think IT will even exist in 10-15 years time. Below is scenario that suggests exactly that and we want you debate in the comments below and present us with your view of what IT could look like in the future.
"Welcome to Silverfox Group, a business so tech savvy that it no longer has any IT staff. 2030 has been kind to Silverfox group, they have hired the top people who know their business and their tech. All of Silverfox’s IT systems and infrastructure are fully elasticated, cloud based and operating at 100% uptime. Any technology changes, requests for new services or metrics/reports that Karen the Finance Director or JP the sales manager want, they can instantly get from the super easy to use business management UI and self-service tool. It’s really simple.
IT incident requests are limited to dropping laptops or losing your headphones. But even then; if you are in the neighbourhood, there is a self-service shop in head office, where you can grab any IT kit you like and make contactless payments straight from your cost centre with your staff ID Card. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s brilliant."

Is this really the business of the future? Can enterprise level companies solely survive off ‘the cloud’ and innovative self-service techniques, or will it all just be a gimmick with 100+ IT staff running around in the background, keeping the charade alive!? Let us know  below.

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14 Dec 2016 20:42
So a replacement computer is picked up from the self-service shop?   Even if the intake method and repair is done by robotics, who will code the program?   There will always be a need for human intervention within IT for the programming as well as contract and vendor management.   Though as time goes, the number of IT team members will get smaller with those jobs that remain being of a high-skilled nature.
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15 Dec 2016 01:33
Well I suppose if you want to be a follower, and use applications and services that are provided exclusively by external service providers, and never need to be tailored to meet your individual requirements, and never need to be inovative, then the scenario described might do.

Is there actually an organisation today that meets those criteria?  And does anyone think there will be one in a mere 13 years time?
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