100 Changes a day - 2030 Week Day 4 - ITSM
Harri Freeman 15 Dec 2016 09:22
Hello there!

We're nearing the end of 2030 Week! Let's keep moving towards the future shall we? All you need to do is read the scenario and tell us what you think!

Some people think DevOps is the future of IT, some people think it’s a flash in the pan. But what do you think? To take part in today’s challenge, read the scenario below then leave a comment sharing your opinion of what sort of influence these emerging concepts will have on the future of ITSM.
"Welcome to 2030, the year that DevOps and continual delivery took over the world. No longer are IT staff responsible for logging tickets, purchasing desktops or fiddling around with CMDB’s. Instead, they are reviewing, approving and deploying 100’s of change requests a day. Requests which have either been submitted by customers just a few minutes’ prior or have been recommended by AI bots, who 24 hours a day analyse business data, run the numbers and fully test every change before passing it to the IT team for approval and deployment.
Any incident, problem or service outage is dealt with through this system too. If someone in the business can’t access their shared folder or connect to email, their personal AI bot detects the problem. The bot then submits a change request to deploy a recommended fix and a few minutes later it is picked up by an IT analyst, who decides whether it’s a good fix or not and deploys it.
Everything is logged as a change and the organisation structure of IT allows every change to be reviewed, tested, approved and deployed within a matter of minutes."

So what do you think, is it a bit far-fetched or is this the sort of futuristic IT service you would like to see? And if so… what about customer experience and the interaction between IT and the customer?  Is it even important anymore? Let us know below.
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15 Dec 2016 14:27
In theory, it sounds like a good thing but at the expense of turning all IT into mindless robots.  Consequently, human interaction with the customer will be extremely limited.
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15 Dec 2016 22:20
I think DevOps has a lot to add as an ITSM methodology.  It is not, however, a replacement for ITIL or other ITSM methodologies as is often claimed, mainly by people trying to make money by promoting it.

I have long been a believer that there is no "one true faith" with respect to ITSM (or anything else for that matter!).  I urge people to take the best aspects of many methodologies, such as COBIT, SIAM, KCS, IT4IT, etc. and now DevOps. 

However I still belive that ITIL is the most holistic and practical ITSM methodology, but it does need to evolve.  DevOps and the rate of change introduced by Agile development mean that some aspects of ITIL need to be refined.  ITIL 2011 is now 6 years old, and the world is changing!  Is ITIL?
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