Day 2 Founding Members Challenge: Top tips and advice list
Harri Freeman 07 Jun 2016 08:57
Hello all and welcome to the second day of the Founding Members Challenge!
Here’s todays challenge;
We want you to help out other community members who are just starting their ITSM journey with a list! What are your top 3 blogs or websites for getting great tips and advice for your work?
Post your lists here, review other users’ lists and most important, have fun!
I’d also like to tack on an additional task for today; head over to the official Introduction thread and let us know a bit about who you are!
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07 Jun 2016 09:10 Edited on 07 Jun 2016 at 09:12
My top 3 destinations are:


For how this frantic brave new world works, pulse on the community and informed point of view.

Até já

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07 Jun 2016 09:30
my top three

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07 Jun 2016 13:03
I was unfamiliar with itilblues - thanks!
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07 Jun 2016 14:26
Robert, you're too kind. I am going back to post regularly again.
Thank you
Até já
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07 Jun 2016 09:31
Hi there

My list is the following

Kamu:Uniting DevOps and ITSM - community -Google+

I have been a long fan off techwell ,very relevant and useful content.

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09 Jun 2016 00:49
Hi Ramona,
I went to Techwell, as I was not familiar with it. I think they have a lot of stuff, but the impression I get is that unless you are a paying subscriber, you are not going to be able to access much.
Thanks anyways! Jason
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07 Jun 2016 09:42

Firstly anyone who is walking into ITSM, have fun and be brave :)

In terms of places to hang out I would strongly recommend

  1. The Axelos Communities - of course :)
  2. The ITSM Review
  3. Back2ITSM Facebook Group
  4. The IT Skeptic
  5. The LinkedIn Groups - search for itsm related there are numerous to visit
As your starter for 10.  These are all great resources and will allow you to branch off into other areas.  There are many fantastic authors out there also but as a very small starter list I would thoroughly recommend

Barclay Ray, Stuart Rance, Kevin Holland, Martin Thompson, Ivor McFarlane, Noel Bruton, Ken Gonzalez, Gene Kim, Charles Araujo, Anthony Orr, Carlos Casanova, Daniel Breston ....and many others.


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07 Jun 2016 13:05
The LinkedIn Groups are a great way to get up-to-date info, but sometimes they get a bit off track worrying about who is trying to tuck advertising into their posts. Has anyone else noticed that?
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07 Jun 2016 17:04
JD - I have. If you are not looking for it or cognizant of the possibility, it is easy to take some inputs as truth, when in fact, it is just marketing. Of course that is their intent, but again, something of whcih everyone should be aware. 
Great point - thanks JD, 
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