ITIL® 4 - Your thoughts!
Harri Freeman 18 Jun 2019 15:18
Hi everyone!
Now that the dust has settled and ITIL 4 examinations are under way around the world, now seems like the perfect time to offer the opportunity to feedback on the updated framework and exam!

So I ask, if you have taken ITIL 4:

What were your key takeaways from the course?
Had you previously taken ITIL v3?
How do you feel about the differences between ITIL 4 and ITIL v3?

Alternatively, if you're considering ITIL 4, you can find more information here!
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03 Jul 2019 13:02
Yes I have previously completed ITIL V3 up to Expert level. 
Key takeaways are:
1. Material gives a picture of what to expect in ITIL 4
2. The concept of Service Value Chain and Service Value Stream should be elaborated with examples in real life ITSm situations
3. Similarly the guiding principles should be elaborated with real life ITSM situations.

By doing away with Life cycle phases ITIL capability to deliver value to customers will be enhanced.
Execution will be based on value but there some be someway to measure value delivered and the effectiveness of value streams and value chains

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03 Jul 2019 13:55
Most important take away for me was that Axelos is continuing to invest in maturing ITIL and that the Lead Architects are out talking to practitioners and listening to them. The Service Value System is a significant step forward for ITIL, and it links the service provider and business much better than previously.

I am an ITIL Expert (all intermediate certifications) and an IT Service Manager (V2), with most of the practitioner certifications also. 

I see ITIL 4 as a natural progression of ITIL, continuing to share best practices based on what really works (thus changes from ITIL 3) and adapting to the changing world. 
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04 Jul 2019 12:03
First and foremost I highly recommend everyone to not compare ITIL v3 and v4, since this is an evolution of frameworks. Lessons learnt from ITIL v3 Framework have been identified and moulded into a much fluid framework in v4. My key takeaway's:
  1. Holistic approach towards value co-creation
  2. The guiding principles
  3. Embracing Agile, DevOps and Lean and working alongside ITIL
  4. ITIL v3 Framework has been packaged as Services as a Foundation of ITIL v4 Framework which makes sense with almost every IT company having established Service Strategy, Design, Transition, Operations and CSI
  5. Continual Improvement is a key differentiator and has more focus in Service Value System
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