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Forum Rules & Code of Conduct
Harri Freeman 06 Jun 2016 09:19
Hi all,

Before posting, please familiarize yourself with the forum rules found below;

1. Showing respect to all community members: It is important to recognise that most members come to to learn. A vital part of that learning process is offering up one’s own experiences, knowledge and opinions in the hope of receiving useful feedback. When reading and commenting on other members’ comments, please always aim to be polite and constructive and focus your comments on offering a learning opportunity to others. Always refrain from quickly dismissing or overtly criticising other members’ views and questions.

2. Appropriate content: The use of inappropriate language, images, website links and themes is not allowed on and may result in permanent ban. Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to, abuse, foul language, nudity, violence, threats, racism and sexism. Moderators retain all rights to determine these definitions when reviewing content and are obliged to follow up all ‘reports’ made by members.

3. Exploitation of data: Using any information or data shared by members on in order to attempt cracking or ‘hacking’ another member’s passwords or other personal accounts is unacceptable. Not only will users caught doing this be banned, but legal action may also be taken.

4. User Avatars: Members are not required to use an avatar, nor is a member’s avatar required to be a photograph of themselves. However, use of inappropriate images (see point 2), unauthorised images of other persons/members or images that promote a commercial use such as company logos is not allowed.

5. Spam: Soliciting sales or advertising materials of any kind is not allowed. Beyond this, the use of automated posting or mass repeated posts are not allowed. If moderators believe a post made to be spam, it will be removed and the user will be banned.

6. Editing posts: editing a post should only ever be carried out by a user in order to correct accidental wording; such as typing, spelling or grammar mistakes. If users are suspected of, or caught editing posts in order to manipulate the course of a discussion, the user will be banned.

7. Private messaging: Members may not use private messaging to solicit sales conversations or as a method to mask inappropriate content (see point 2). Mass private messaging is also not allowed.

8. Banning of members: Moderators aim to use banning as a last resort for tackling forum misuse or breaching of the above code of conduct. When possible, moderators will always attempt to consult members before issuing a ban. However, moderators do reserve the right to issue a ban at any time, if it is felt it will create a safer community for the members.

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