Amey Nevrekar 19 May 2020 20:36
CSPO® and PSPO are two of the premier and globally accepted certifications that help validate the holder’s expertise and skills as a product owner in the Scrum framework. Both relate to product ownership which in turn requires business acumen and competency on product vision and roadmap aspects.

Differences between CSPO and PSPO

As we saw above, CSPO is an abbreviation which stands for Certified Scrum Product Owner and it is a certification offered by the Scrum Alliance, specifically for the Product Owner role.

PSPO is an abbreviation for Profession Scrum Product Owner. This is a certification offered by Scrum.org, specifically for the Product Owner role.

In my opinion, both certifications are equivalent and define high- standards of quality. The differences between the two lies in the way of obtaining the two certifications and maintaining/renewing them.

Certifications issued by Scrum Alliance are obtained by taking an online exam after mandatory completion of a 2-day training given by a Certified Scrum Trainer. 

Certifications issued by Scrum.org are obtained by taking an online exam without the prerequisite of attending a training. Certifications issued by Scrum.org do not expire. Of course, to test and validate your knowledge, having a decent understanding of the product owner role is mandatory, therefore preparation and study are key. Participating in a training to learn, and to experience what Scrum is about, is always highly recommended.


The basic Comparison of CSPO and PSPO

CSPO is offered through Scrum Alliance PSPO is offered through Scrum.org
CSPO has continuing education credit requirements every three years and is renewable. PSPO never has to be renewed

Accreditation Body

The accreditation body of the CSPO and PSPO certifications are as follows:

  • PSPO - Scrum.org
  • CSPO - Scrum Alliance
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12 Sep 2020 13:56
Great article. But they are not the same in terms of complexity. You get CSPO only by attending a training, there is no exam, hence it is good if you are a beginner and you want a piece of paper fast. PSPO is a rather difficult exam, no class required and harder to pass. The list of certification holders is available online on Scrum Alliance and scrum.org. 
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