Importance of Agile today’s fast changing environment
Mahesh 27 May 2020 05:43
                  As we well known that the traditional project management is long process , required a good time for upfront planning more over required a comprehensive documentation. In today’s fast changing environment, requirements keep changing, and all this upfront planning is wasted if there is a major change in the specification at a later point of time. Agile is a project management approach which is normally using software field, construction and in all sectors,mainly agile emphasis on team work, frequent deliveries of working soft wares, individuals and interactions, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, responding to change as stated in Agile manifesto.
                 Agile is an umbrella and there are many tools what we can used for project management Scrum is one of that, it encourages iterative decision making and reduces time spent on unknown variables which are prone to change.
                 Why traditional project management is not apt in this fast growing environment, because here requirement is not fixed and it may vary or may not, traditional project management is linear process and here every thing is fixed through out project life cycle, stake holders interaction is comparatively less but agile/scrum is iterative process, processes and are divided into sprints of shorter span, as agile is more open to changes in the specification, there is less amount of time spent on upfront planning, prioritization of requirements is based on business value and the product backlog is frequently groomed by the product owner, Transparency one of the central pillar of the agile

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