Essential tips for better Agility.!............
Mahesh 19 Aug 2020 13:56
Hi Friends!

The tech market is innovating faster than ever, thanks to the Agile revolution. Do not watch it from the sidelines. Be part of it!
Agile software development and Scrum in particular can be difficult to understand and adopt for those accustomed to traditional software development, namely Waterfall. Simpler hierarchy, the situation in which team has to manage itself, constant change and estimation points often make the switch to Scrum harder than it should be.

Here are some tips for better agility!

 1.Sprint Retrospective – you DO NOT want to skip it!!!

2. Build trust within your team – give new team members more space

3. Best Scrum Master is the one “not needed” 

4. Make sure your daily stand-ups add value

Regards Mahesh

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