“New interview criteria” – Cyber Resilience Debate Series - Day 1
Harri Freeman 18 Oct 2017 09:44 Edited on 23 Oct 2017 at 14:44
Hey there,

Welcome to the Cyber Resilience Debate Series. We’d like to start with with a topic that concerns the most basic understanding of Cyber Resilience. It’s important within an organization that everybody is on board with practicing good behaviours to prevent, detect and recover from a Cyber Attack. With that in mind, here’s today’s topic

“A basic understanding of Cyber Resilience should be a fundamental requirement for all roles. Similar to the expectation of a basic understanding of Microsoft Office or email platforms”

What do you think? Do you agree?

Just to add to the mix, here’s my two cents:
I feel that this is something that should be considered commonplace in future, although I’m not sure how you would measure a candidate’s understanding about what constitutes good behaviour or practices.

In today’s world where cyber security is becoming more of a personal concern for most people, it shouldn’t be too much to think that in future, almost everybody will have at least a basic understanding of how to protect the assets of their organization. However, this only counts towards people understanding the most basic practices i.e having different passwords, only storing data for as long as they need it, not writing down passwords etc.
My concern with this is that moving forward is puts too much earnest on the individual to take responsibility for the organization’s cyber resilience. Not too far behind responsibility, liability could follow. Therefore, organizations shouldn’t use a basic understanding and awareness as a replacement for thorough and detailed cyber resilience training for individuals, as well as creating in-depth cyber resilience policies that are unique to their business needs, which are clearly communicated so everyone, from the engine room to the boardroom, knows exactly what action to take.

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