Becoming an AXELOS Consulting Partner

AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP) logoThe AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP) service was created to recognize consulting organizations that provide advisory services involving AXELOS products.

It connects consultants with the customers who will benefit from their expertise in AXELOS best practice. ACPs enjoy increased market recognition, enhanced service quality, and a corresponding improvement in the performance of their consultancy.

The ACP service offers:

  • endorsement of the high quality of your consultancy
  • association with globally recognized qualifications
  • use of selected intellectual property from the AXELOS portfolio
  • license to perform and award AXELOS maturity model assessments and certifications (subject to a separate licence)
  • access to AXELOS’ marketing resources
  • a listing on the AXELOS website as a certified partner
  • a digital badge to indicate the high quality of your work.

There are two licence types available:

  • AXELOS Consulting Partner: a general licence covering specific AXELOS products
  • AXELOS Consulting Partner with P3M3®: a licence to conduct P3M3 assessments. For more information, visit the P3M3 page.


Frequently Asked Questions

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ACP customers

Customers who wish to benefit from the ACP service should visit our working with an AXELOS Consulting Partner page.