Becoming an AXELOS Consulting Partner

Strengthen your Influence

The AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP) service connects consultants with the customers who will benefit from their expertise in AXELOS best practice. ACPs enjoy increased market recognition, enhanced service quality, and a corresponding improvement in the performance of their consultancy.

The ACP service offers:

  • endorsement of the high quality of your consultancy
  • association with globally-recognized qualifications
  • use of selected intellectual property from the AXELOS portfolio
  • license to perform and award AXELOS maturity model assessments and certifications (subject to a separate licence), using the P3M3 Maturity Model and ITIL Maturity Model
  • access to AXELOS’ marketing resources
  • a listing on the AXELOS website as a certified partner.

Apply to become an ACP

ACP Membership Packages

AXELOS has introduced three ACP membership levels to allow our partners to select the benefits that work for them.


Our Essential level membership is ideal for new consultancies looking to strengthen their offering by being fully endorsed to use the AXELOS best practice frameworks and methodologies.


Our Premium level membership is perfect for consultancies who already offer AXELOS-endorsed maturity assessments or wish to strengthen their offering by making these a more regular part of their services.


Our Elite members enjoy the full range of AXELOS Consulting Partner privileges, designed to help you do your job as easily and effectively as possible, and create game-changing results for your clients.

ACP benefits and costs

  Essential package Premium package Elite package
Maturity models (P3M3/ITIL Maturity Model) Pay per use 5 uses per maturity model per ACP Unlimited
Maturity model assessors Fees apply 1 included 2 included
Certification Fees apply Fees apply 1 included
Listing on Yes Yes Yes
- No. of countries listed on 1 3 5
- Logo included in listing? n/a Yes Yes
- Profile page included in listing? n/a n/a Yes
Exclusive content 2 months after
1 month after
Influence best practice development n/a By invitation First refusal
Access to community and events Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price Starting from £1,950 per annum Starting from £3,500 per annum Starting from £4,995 per annum


Additional fees

  • Assessors Fee: £500 per annum per maturity model (all packages)
  • Additional Assessments Fee: £400 per assessment (all packages)
  • Certification: £1,250 per certification (all packages).

Next steps

Here’s a step-by-step guide for what to expect as you work through the application process:

  1. Complete the application form and send it to [email protected].
  2. The AXELOS team will check you meet the relevant criteria to become an ACP member.
  3. You will receive an email detailing the status of your application and the next steps.
  4. An agreement will be sent to you to sign and return.
  5. Once the agreement has been received by AXELOS, you will be notified by email and granted access to all your membership benefits.

If you require any assistance as you work through the process, please contact us at: [email protected].