The Official app from AXELOS and TSO, the Official Publisher of ITIL®

Updated and improved. Now also available on Android.

Designed to support accredited ITIL® training and authored by the CEO of Aspect Group Inc, Sharon Taylor, ITIL's chief examiner and Candace Dunwoodie, ITIL senior examiner, the app includes 300 exclusive and updated questions to test your knowledge and support your learning. Each question has four multiple choice answers and replicates the style, topics and content of the official exams. In the practise mode you can also view detailed rationales explaining which answer is correct and why.

We’re confident this app will help ensure success when preparing for the ITIL Foundation Exam.

Reasons to purchase

  1. STUDY - familiarize yourself with key ITIL concepts using the searchable and browsable official glossary
  2. PRACTISE - check your knowledge by answering questions from across the five lifecycle stages, either in quick-test or flashcard mode
  3. MOCK EXAMS - sit multiple mock exams with a different combination of questions every time, the closest experience you will get to the real exam!
  4. CASE STUDY - a fictional case study which brings service management to life
  5. EXTRAS - loads of extra features to help you prepare for your test and beyond, including an ITIL store and the ability to track and share your progress with your friends and colleagues
  6. EASY TO USE - makes revision on the go really simple with a clear 3-step approach: study, practise and mock exams
  7. EXCLUSIVE CONTENT - the questions and answers are exclusive to the app, you will not find this content anywhere else!

The app works on iOS and Android devices.

Watch an introduction to the ITIL Foundation App