ITIL® 4: Connecting key concepts

Create a flexible and effective architecture that delivers world-class IT-enabled services with the ITIL 4 key concepts.

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ITIL 4, the latest evolution of ITIL, provides a holistic way for IT professionals and organizations around the world to co-create value in the digital service economy. The ITIL 4 framework introduces new key concepts:

  • Service value system (SVS):Facilitate value co-creation via a SVS and provide end-to-end value for your service relationships
  • Service value chain (SVC): A set of interconnected activities that provide an operating model for the creation, delivery, and continual improvement of services
  • Guiding principles: Are at the core of ITIL 4 and helps professionals to adopt and adapt for their own specific needs and circumstances
  • ITIL Practices: Are a fundamental part of the ITIL 4 framework and provide a holistic vision for way of working
  • Four Dimensions: Represent perspectives which are relevant to the whole SVS, and are critical to the effective and efficient facilitation of value for customers and other stakeholders.

In addition, ITIL 4 will integrate with other practices and new ways of working including Lean, Agile and DevOps.


Watch our animation to understand how key concepts of ITIL 4 come together to create a flexible and effective service management architecture that enables you and your organization to deliver world-class IT-enabled products and services.




ITIL 4: Connecting key concepts content series

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ITIL 4 has been the hugely anticipated evolution to the ITIL framework and it builds on the core elements of ITIL, the ultimate in IT best practice.

After the launch of ITIL 4 Foundation, AXELOS will continue to release modules throughout 2019. However, with the speed of change in organizations, we encourage candidates to continue to upskill with ITIL v3 Intermediate modules to enable them to tackle immediate IT challenges.

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