ITIL. More than Meets the I:
Video Testimonials

ITIL transforms business’ globally, across sectors and disciplines. The impact of ITIL is vast.

Listen to ITIL advocates from across the world explain why ITIL works for their organization. They discuss why ITIL helps them achieve their goals, helps them remain competitive, and why it’s adaptable to new ways of working. You can also watch a number of attendees at the PINK18 Conference, discussing how ITIL has helped them and their organizations.

Want to know how ITIL saves money, reduces risks, and delivers a superior user experience? Find out here.

How ITIL has opened up a new world

Katrina MacDermid - Qantas Airways, Australia

Why ITIL is critical at John Lewis

Andrew MacInnes and Paul Winship - John Lewis, UK

ITIL enables us to move forward fast

Michelle Krueger - Depository Trust & Clearing Corp, USA

Roy Atkinson and the relevancy of ITIL

Roy Atkinson - HDI, USA

Everything is based around ITIL principles

Bob Roark - NuAxis Innovations, USA

Everything has ITIL principles behind it

Osvaldo Santos - Nestlé, Brazil

How has Tata Consultancies Services benefitted from ITIL?

Partha Saha - Tata Consultancy Services, India

How has ITIL helped Everis provide high valued IT services?

Nelson Lima - Everis, Portugal

How has ITIL helped at Everis, Portugal?

Nadia Lopes - Everis, Portugal

How ITIL is used at W2CONN, Brazil

Marcelo Egito Silva - W2CONN, Brazil

Jo Peacock, why ITIL is relevant to EVERYTHING

Jo Peacock, USA

ITIL and the new dynamic era of IT

Sameh Elgawady - Koala IT Services, Australia

Tony Krasinski, Erie Insurance Group: "We use principles and concepts from multiple frameworks"

Tony Krasinski, Erie Insurance Group, USA

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ITIL: More than Meets the I

ITIL saves money, reduces risks, and delivers a superior user experience.

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