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Image of a computer game characterIT Service Management is a complex game and hyper competitive. Why? Because it’s full of smart people helping to transform organizations.
ITIL Practitioner is the fastest way to boost your skills, energy and confidence and provide the cheat codes to level up your career in ITSM.

Things you need to know:

  • It's simple - ITIL Practitioner is 1 course, 1 exam and 1 level up
  • You learn about OCM, agile environments, communication and showing progress through metrics - how to move from Easy Mode to Legendary!
  • Gain useful cheats and power-ups to boost commercial focus, collaboration, speed and efficiency - more points for your DevOps, agile and lean missions!
  • You can complete your course at light speed (as fast as two days)
  • You can choose the kind of study that suits your playing style, ranging from distance learning, e-learning; or go retro in a classroom
  • You’ll need to have completed the Foundation Level*, and defeated the end of level boss**
  • The cost of the course is down to the provider and study mode you select.

* Don’t worry if you don’t have it just yet, lots of training providers can offer bundle packages for both certifications in one go.
**Not True.

What's in it for me?

Want to power-up your career? Why not take a look at the ITSM Career Path, to see where you are and where you want to be?

Defeat the Boss!

Download our template business case to fill out and give to the person tasked with levelling you up to the next stage in your career.

Power Up!

Download the syllabus and sample paper to find out more about the structure and question styles in the ITIL Practitioner exam.

Strategy guide

Read more about the skills and best practice you will pick up from the taking the ITIL Practitioner training course.

Multi-player mode

Image of a computer game characterIf you’ve already invested in ITIL you’ll know you get IT professionals with super powers, working collaboratively, communicating effectively with skills boosted to level 10. With ITIL Practitioner your team gain the freedom for innovation, faster delivery, and the power to make real change.

This is win-win - there are no zero sum games in the ITIL framework. Why not level up your whole team?

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