Intellectual Property Licensing

AXELOS encourages the creation of new products and services that bring our best practice standards to a wider audience and we support innovation by third parties. If you have developed a product or service that draws on or supports AXELOS’ best practice guidance, then you can apply for a licence to use our copyright material or logos within it.

Licensing AXELOS IP and being authorized to display our material clearly identifies your association with our best practice guidance and assures customers that they are buying quality items that have undergone a rigorous review process.

AXELOS also assesses and approves suppliers for a range of goods and services under our licensing schemes.

Accreditation Licences

All organizations providing services relating to our examinations such as our Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) and Examination Institute (EI) must be licensed in order to use our IP within their own products and services.

Download AXELOS IP Guidelines for Accredited Organizations (PDF, 589KB) >

Product Licences

We offer a licensing scheme to allow third parties to make use of our intellectual property in order to produce a range of innovative products. This supports our aim of creating a marketplace of quality products which build upon our own publications. We license a wide range of products, including, but not limited to, publications, CDs, videos and apps.

Find our more about AXELOS Product Licensing including the product licensing process and our assessment criteria and fees.

ITIL Software Scheme

The ITIL Software Scheme enables software tool vendors who have developed tools based on ITIL processes to obtain official endorsement from AXELOS. This permits the vendor to display a Process Compliant badge on their tool, following examination by a Licensed Software Assessor.

Find out more about the ITIL Software Endorsement scheme.