RESILIA™: AXELOS Announces Cyber Resilience Best Practice Launch

RESILIA™:  AXELOS Announces Cyber Resilience Best Practice Launch

AXELOS Global Best Practice announced today that RESILIA, the new Cyber Resilience Best Practice portfolio will be launched in June 2015. The portfolio will help organizations gain the confidence they need to recognize, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks effectively.

Information is critical to the success of all innovation and is precious to any organization. It is also valued by a range of adversaries and, with the emergence and rapid development of a globally networked information environment, it is now easier than ever before to target and attack that information. To address the challenges of this ever-changing landscape, AXELOS has developed RESILIA: a portfolio of publications, training and awareness tools.

The RESILIA best practice portfolio is designed to help any organization define what good cyber resilience looks like for them, to guide them in effectively managing their cyber risks and to bounce back following an attack with minimal reputational or financial damage. For organizations to harness this opportunity they have to adopt an enterprise approach that encompasses people, process and technology.

Nick Wilding, Head of Cyber Resilience at AXELOS said: “Inside your organization there is a powerful force that can protect your reputation, safeguard your information and keep customers close – it’s your people. The focus must be on aligning strategic priorities, operational systems and architectures with the ongoing training and involvement of all people across the organization. Applying RESILIA as a best practice across the enterprise will enable organizations to tackle their cyber risks with renewed confidence.”

Peter Hepworth, CEO at AXELOS said: “Our existing best practice portfolio, including IT Service Management enabled by ITIL® and our Project and Programme Management frameworks that includes PRINCE2®, are used by millions of practitioners around the world to successfully manage their operations and to build business value. RESILIA joins that portfolio and strengthens the ability for any organization to be more effective.”

The RESILIA portfolio includes:

  • Cyber Resilience Best Practice, aligned with the ITIL lifecycle, that illustrates what good Cyber Resilience looks like and provides practical guidance for its strategy, implementation and management
  • Cyber Resilience Awareness learning for building your cyber smart workforce. These provide multiple awareness learning modules in different formats and via multiple channels to get the right information to the right people at the right time across all parts of an organization
  • Cyber Resilience Foundation and Practitioner training and certification designed for the IT and security professional community. This provides the practical guidance required in assessing, deploying and efficiently managing good Cyber Resilience within business operations
  • A Cyber Resilience maturity management tool that will assess your current maturity level and propose appropriate improvement action plans.

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