AXELOS launches first-of-its-kind new gamified global community forum

AXELOS launches first-of-its-kind new gamified global community forum


AXELOS has launched the first global forum for project management, cyber security and IT Service Management (ITSM) professionals and industry experts to share best practice and career-related advice.

More than 50,000 people from over 120 countries have already registered as members of the AXELOS Community Forum, which enables users to discuss a range of work-related topics. The Forum encourages participation through the use of gamification, interactive challenges and leader boards, with prizes (including Amazon vouchers, free AXELOS membership and exclusive community trophies for individual’s profiles) - on offer for frequent participants.

In the first few weeks of the Forum, encouraged by daily founding member challenges and tasks, threads of discussion have included Agile methodologies, further education in project management, info security governance as well as service strategy and ITSM frameworks.

Toby Moore, AXELOS Community Manager, said: “Since the launch of AXELOS one of our key goals has been to help professionals to develop their skills and knowledge. One of the best ways to improve personal development is through discussion with fellow professionals and industry experts. This exciting bespoke platform provides an engaging and interesting way to share industry challenges, misconceptions, advice and thought leadership.

“The new Community Forum is the first of its type that rewards global sharing. Our aim is for it to become the home of best practice and innovative content in the ITSM, PPM and cyber security industries. It will help professionals to improve their knowledge, progress their careers and help make their organizations more effective.”

More information on how to join the discussion can be found on the AXELOS website at