AXELOS Webinar, A Review of "The Importance of ITIL® - A Global View"

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Earlier this year we published a report discussing the importance of ITIL® in today’s business environment, especially taking into account trends such as Agile and Cloud. That report, available to download here, sought to discover a range of practitioners’ views on the role and relevancy of ITIL within their organizations.

We are now delighted to invite you to join us on 4 December at 5pm EST, when Phil Hearsum, ITSM Portfolio Manager for AXELOS, will take us through the key findings of that report and answer your questions on the major topics covered. If you cannot make this first event you can attend our second showing at .

The webinar will cover:

  • How ITIL is not only still relevant, but that its importance for IT organizations is growing, especially where an organization’s budget is growing. We will also explore the importance of the relationship between ITIL and growing trends such as Agile and Cloud.
  • The recognition of ITIL’s value at a strategic level within the business. In this section we will focus on what impact this will have on the future of ITIL in 2015 and beyond.
  • The need for AXELOS to do more with the rest of the IT organization; executives see the value of ITIL, yet we are not seeing the same appreciation from other IT professionals (although these individuals do still see ITIL as being very relevant). We will share our plans on how we are looking to address these concerns today and into 2015.
  • Taking the IT out of ITIL. The final part of the webinar will investigate the adoption and adaptation of the ITIL best practice framework outside of IT, with a number of real life examples.

After Phil has concluded his presentation we will then open the floor out to questions for attendees to ask.

We look forward to having you join our webinar. For those who cannot make the session, we will be making the recording available on request.

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