AXELOS website gets a new look

  • 07 November 2014
AXELOS website gets a new look

Welcome to our new-look website, designed to consolidate all of our products and services in one online location.

As you can see, the design, page layout and menu structure are all much more clearly laid out as well as quicker and easier to use. The site also has the benefit of being fully responsive so you can use it on your mobile phone or tablet as well as your computer.

There is a single, integrated Successful Candidate Register that is simple and straight forward for your candidates to use - no more searching through individual listings! And we’ve also made the Certified Partner search much more visible and easy to spot-on the main website so candidates can find their nearest Certified Partner almost straight away.

The new search engine is more powerful and comprehensive, meaning searching for content, services and AXELOS products will be much more efficient for all users than before. And the new design includes much more imagery and fewer words, giving the whole site a cleaner, more contemporary look.

Coming soon

In addition, the site will shortly include a new feature called the ITIL Intermediate Training Navigator tool that will recommend intermediate courses and identify relevant skills to the user based on the job role selected. This will provide users with a clear direction to follow in order to develop their ITIL qualifications and improve their knowledge.

Over the coming weeks, many more dynamic and interactive features will be added to the website that will continue to improve your overall experience of the site.

We trust you will welcome the fresh and modern new website and we welcome any feedback you might have. Please send any comments to [email protected].