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Using ITIL Practitioner across a range of IT job roles

Using ITIL Practitioner across a range of IT job roles

When I first learnt about ITIL Practitioner, I was somewhat sceptical about its value and, in particular, how it would work for candidates with a wide range of ITIL backgrounds, knowledge and job roles.

Bjorn HinrichsThinking about training someone at ITIL Foundation stage in the same room as an ITIL expert just didn’t seem possible. That was until I saw the ITIL Practitioner book and syllabus and realised: it’s not about knowledge but how to do it.

Since then, I’ve delivered ITIL Practitioner training with candidates of varying experience and truly believe the qualification is applicable, and of enormous value, to a range of roles from portfolio to financial managers. Here’s how:

Strategy Manager

For organizations putting service management at the heart of the business the journey can seem too long, complex and time-consuming, especially until it starts to deliver added value.

Although ITIL is a management system that organizations need to adopt and adapt as a whole, ITIL Practitioner demonstrates that it’s possible to make progress in small but well selected steps.

Through the CSI approach, ITIL Practitioner guides users through the selection and implementation process by focusing on what the business wants and how IT can contribute. This provides the basis to define and agree realistic targets for relevant and achievable improvements.

Financial Manager

For financial managers in IT, neither the ITIL Practitioner nor the ITIL Expert can replace a sound academic and practical financial education. But all the financial skills in the world will not help if you do not focus on the right things.

ITIL Practitioner enables IT financial managers to understand their customers and IT organization, ask the right questions and then translate costs, budgets and expenditure into services and the value they provide to the business.

Business Relationship Manager

Good business relationship managers know what a customer wants to achieve, how they perceive value and their constraints and preferences.

While this knowledge is great, it’s not easy to translate into really valuable service solutions. And not from a technical point of view, but in terms of finding the right level of quality and functional scope that is worth the cost.

ITIL Practitioner’s CSI approach delivers a framework to bridge business and IT. It enables business relationship managers to both improve their business understanding and competency to translate customer needs into IT services.

The combination of the structured approach (CSI), the right mind-set (guiding principles) and the fit-for-purpose competencies (the three critical competencies) delivers the how-to framework.

Portfolio Manager

I work with a lot of IT organizations that want to build a service catalogue. They start to list and describe their services and often do it well. Some of them then take it to the next step by measuring end-to-end service levels, completing service reporting and creating agreements. But while this process will take their organizations to a new level, it only goes some of the way.

If businesses really want to make a difference, they must stop thinking of service catalogues as lists and descriptions, and consider what makes them and their work and services valuable to the business.

It’s not important to have a portfolio of great IT services but a portfolio of valuable services.

While this won’t be achieved overnight, a step-by-step, structured approach guided by the right principles and enabled by the right competencies makes it more than possible.

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25 Mar 2021 Nan Braun
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I agree with the usefulness to IT Finance professionals, but advising them on a daily basis, we see many other cross over points. Glad to pursue to the discussion if there is interest.
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