PRINCE2 Agile™ - A Trainer's view

PRINCE2 Agile™ - A Trainer's view

PRINCE2 Agile is the vital next step in project management; not because PRINCE2® wasn’t already agile which, in my opinion, it was, but more because the agile movement has grown rapidly. The agile arena has simply developed so dramatically that it’s now become essential for someone, somewhere to clarify how and where PRINCE2 fits in the picture.

Steve BoronskiEnter AXELOS’ PRINCE2 Agile.

My reaction to PRINCE2 Agile was amazement at how difficult it would have been to strike such a delicate balance between both methodologies and yet lead author Keith Richards has managed to do just that. It’s been written very well to help existing PRINCE2 practitioners become more agile in their project management approach and addresses the need to clarify the various misunderstandings between PRINCE2 and agile. Each has been mixed well with the other and it is clear throughout that the development team has a lot of experience with both.

At first I thought the guidance pandered to agile while, ironically, an agile counterpart felt it pandered more to PRINCE2! There’s a long-lasting perception in the project management world that agile and PRINCE2 are competing methods when they’re not and never have been. They complement each other in ways that can really improve project management.

Every Project Manager is going to find elements of the guide very useful; embracing agile methods will give practitioners a more rounded view of product development in today’s world. Society has stepped up and today’s generation uses completely different management styles and more graduates than ever before are leaving university with an awareness of project management and PRINCE2. The project management world is changing and PRINCE2 has to evolve to meet that.

The guide not only allows practitioners to understand where agile methods can be used but also where they can’t or shouldn’t – for example, would you want to be agile with a security system?

PRINCE2 Agile will provide the support practitioners need to introduce agile methods and develop their project management skills. As a training provider it creates opportunities for further stimulation beyond the current offering; I’m really enjoying putting together the course material for the guide which needs to be really interactive with an eye on “Generation Y” and the next step is to produce innovative e-learning materials to support it in a way that has never been seen before. Watch this space.

Do you think that PRINCE2 benefits from a more deliberately agile approach or do you think the methodology already contains sufficient agile aspects for efficient project management? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

See our PRINCE2 Agile section for more information.

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