Become a cyber security leader with Cyber Resilience Week 2017 and AXELOS RESILIA™

Become a cyber security leader with Cyber Resilience Week 2017 and AXELOS RESILIA™

Today’s increase in cyber-attacks – and the resulting loss of valuable data and denial of services they cause – means organizations and individuals need to be better prepared to tackle this threat.

What we all need is greater cyber resilience.

AXELOS is partnering with Digital Leaders – a global digital transformation initiative – to co-host Cyber Resilience Weeka five-day collection of knowledge-sharing events designed to help people and their organizations build better cyber defences.

Among the 40 events happening from 11-15 September 2017, AXELOS is involved in a number of sessions based on improving the capability of people in managing cyber risk. These include:

  • 11 September: 1-2pm BST: webinar – Making your people and their behaviours your strongest defence against cyber-attacks; Nick Wilding – General Manager, Cyber Resilience at AXELOS and Professor Lizzie Coles-Kemp, research fellow at Royal Holloway, University of London provide practical guidance on how improved cyber training and awareness can change behaviour and deliver better cyber resilience. Register today >>>
  • 12 September: 3-4pm BST: webinar – GDPR and the importance of protecting your human firewall; Nick Wilding and John McDermott, EMEA Portfolio Manager at HPE outline a new approach that combines GDPR compliance and your “human firewall”, i.e. ensuring your people are effectively managing cyber risk. Register today >>>
  • 12 September 5-6pm BST: DLTV YouTube Live – Cyber resilience in the digital age – skills, leadership, balance and collaboration; Nick Wilding joins a panel of experts to discuss the leadership, skills and knowledge needed to balance the opportunities offered by the digital economy with the threats posed by cyber criminals. Register today >>>
  • 15 September 9-11am: breakfast briefing, London – The power of storytelling and behavioural psychology in building business resilience; Nick Wilding is joined by writer, Jerome Vincent, to explore how storytelling can increase people’s emotional connection to cyber risk and therefore help the organizational culture change required to improve cyber resilience. Places are limited, register today to avoid disappointment >>>

Nick Wilding said: “At a time when cyber-attacks on organizations and individuals are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated, Cyber Resilience Week offers a wealth of knowledge and advice to improve cyber resilience.

“The human factor – as both a potential threat and an asset – in cyber resilience can’t be underestimated, which is why AXELOS has developed cyber security awareness training to make your employees your greatest defence against cyber-attacks.

RESILIA Frontline now provides engaging learning modules created by international information security experts and designed to enable all your people, regardless of their role or responsibility, handle cyber risks more effectively".

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