RESILIA: Online Safety – Fine Margins

RESILIA: Online Safety – Fine Margins

Ever acted on impulse then realized your decision was wrong but it was too late to go back?

This is a problem that’s becoming more frequent in our ‘always-on’ digital world, as an increasing number of us receive emails or instant messages which appear to be authentic. The sender might want us to share personal information, take up “unbeatable” offers, claim tax refunds or ask us to click a link to a website to verify an account.

These are techniques used by hackers who are still exploiting too many people online – even those of us who believe we are “tech savvy”.

The reality is there are fine margins in making that decision to trust what the email or message is asking you to do, particularly when we are busy and distracted.

This is something Hamed Tosun* found out to his cost. Hamed’s story is the latest RESILIA® audio story and highlights how, when he responded to seemingly authentic personal email while at work, he caused a whole host of problems – for him and, more significantly, his employer. Listen to our latest story today!

So how does an organization – whose critical data and information could be placed at risk by people behaving unsafely online – help its employees to acknowledge these risks and understand what they need to do to reduce them?

Introducing RESILIA Frontline, a GCHQ Certified (GCT) provider of cyber security and data protection awareness training suite:

Through dramatization, RESILIA’s audio stories bring real scenarios and day-to-day online risks that everyone faces in the workplace to life. Storytelling is a key component of the suite and each of the 11 eLearning modules are story or scenario based, helping to make what might seem abstract real to us by. We need to show our people how the right online behaviours are critical in protecting personal information and maintaining cyber resilient working environment.

When considering the fine margins and speed at which we make decisions, RESILIA Frontline’s jargon free and practical approach to cyber security and data protection awareness training provides valuable learning points to ensure your people verify requests for information beforehand, take steps in spotting suspicious emails or calls and are empowered to alert the IT security teams if they have made that one error which could affect an organization’s reputation, competitive advantage and operational resilience.

What next?

Listen to our story today and discover why you should not use your work computer for personal reasons.

We would love to show you! You can also request a free live demonstration of RESILIA Frontline at a time that suits you by completing our form at Make your people your greatest defence against cyber attacks with RESILIA Frontline!

*Hamed Tosun, Kirsty Welch, Marshal Enright and Todd Coulson are all fictitious names used for the purpose of this fictitious story only. Any similarity to a real person is not intended nor should it be inferred.

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