Reshaping ITSM: (Intelligently Transforming Service Management)

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IT Infrastructure management and support domain are experiencing a new makeover when it comes to tools, technologies, and methods that are being introduced on top of the service layer. Support and service are an integral part of every business. Every organization is an IT organization; every process is related to IT process. When it comes to handling stakeholder expectations – IT plays a vital role as every business component is built on the foundation of IT infrastructure (End-user* Enterprise* Application*). All the companies in IT service area are working to adopt new and unconventional ways of I and O (Infrastructure and Operations) to gain dominance and advantage.

This is being accelerated by the introduction of capabilities and disruptive technologies which are reincarnated as the future of the present world. Global IT service organizations have become competitive regarding service levels, expectations, and quality. Top contesting players are getting aggressive with improvised solutions/products, functionalities, customizability, ease of deployment, and new business models.

These options are driving the IT service providers to adopt new products which are a combination of cloud, digital, and AI-AU-AN (Artificial Intelligence-Automation-Analytics). The emphasis is more on the speed of service, service excellence, and service availability. Technology leadership wants to get rid of the legacy applications, hardware, and processes due to obvious reasons. Now the primary intent is to transfer the cost of I&O ownership to the IT service provider giants for mutual benefits.

In the past, processes had more prominence than tools and human effort was counted on to bridge the gap but today things are precisely contradictory. Tools have taken the precedence and technology is expected to cover for human effort. We have been interacting and working with IT processes in multiple set-ups, environments, and businesses for decades now. The information, work instruction, action, functionality, and triggers are well understood which can be translated into the workflow and implant them into new tools/applications. Tasks that were time-consuming and very complex have become so easy that it is no more an exclusive feature or crucial requirement.

Example: Dashboards, Reporting and Insights - this has evolved by great leaps as it has analytics embedded, SLAs and other performance parameters are already calculated with narratives, and all this information is available anywhere anytime on a gadget of choice. The current ask of every business is to move from a deterministic to a probabilistic approach which will help the organisations to foresee into future and get ready with a strategy. This is possible as we have suddenly realized the potential and use of ever existing data oceans that were residing on our systems forever. The urge is to look deep within these data lakes and navigate the way forward by connecting everything to everything.

We need resilient and scalable service management solutions for growing businesses – diversified consumers – and – integrated infrastructure.

New techniques and methodologies that are changing the face of ITSM

The traditional way of troubleshooting the infrastructure components should change if not already drastically changing. New ways of analysis, correlation, and resolution are being implied using contemporary tools. This is being achieved by a perfect combination of Software (Product) – Analytics (Data) – AI components (Deep learning) and Humans foresight that build such systems. For illustration Deep learning-based tool that fixes recurring and new incidents and learns from every event to formulate a solution for future situations based on its previous resolution history, source, method, and nature of occurrence. We are figuring out ways to use AI, Automation, and Analytics capabilities at every work instruction level in all possible ITIL® processes.

We cannot miss noticing that one facet of infrastructure management is being transformed by new age cognitive technologies and on the other hand, there are new methodologies like DevOps and Agile that are intersecting with service management processes at some level to add their respective strengths and benefits. These new emerging frameworks/methodologies provide the ability to build processes and holistic solution that accommodate new age technologies.

IT Processes are connecting more than before - tools are getting smarter than before – and people are innovating more than ever.

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23 Oct 2018 Renato
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I look forward to see as soon as possible an AI solution to gain knowledge from the data lakes created by ITSM tools to provide instructions to business run smoothly. AI is going to disrupted Service Desk function.
23 Oct 2018 bosh boston
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The traditional way of troubleshooting the infrastructure components should change if not already drastically changing helped me to get all the new updates and new methodologies like DevOps and Agile that are intersecting with service management processes at some level to add their respective strengths and benefits.
2 Dec 2018 Govind R
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Wonderful Content
11 Dec 2018 Roman.K
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I would love if possible to get a large copy of that image so I print it and thank you for the article
17 Jan 2019 sophia red
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30 Sep 2019 Ashwin Gaidhani
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Thank you all for your comments and kind words. I will try sharing content and point of views with this forum.
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