Aligning DevOps and ITIL - second audio interview from the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016

Aligning DevOps and ITIL - second audio interview from the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016

Hi everyone, thanks for listening to the second audio discussion we recorded at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016 in San Francisco.

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One of the topics that repeatedly popped up at the conference – whether it was within presentations, during informal discussions over lunch, as comments by visitors to the AXELOS booth, or within the general chatter around the aisles and stands – was the need for IT Service Management (ITSM) capabilities to align with DevOps practices.

Kevin BehrThere’s plenty of passionate opinion as people look for the most suitable way forward for their situation. At the extremes of the debate, some people see this as a good excuse to change everything, while others are nervous of change and want to keep things as they are. Most see the value of bringing developers and service management people together to create a smooth transition from one to the other. Regardless, they are looking for guidance and direction. Which is, hopefully, where we come in.

In this recording, Kevin Behr from PraxisFlow joins Kaimar Karu and myself to talk about:

  • History of ITIL® and ITSM adoption
  • Organizational theory and design, Conway’s law, and silos in Service Management organizations
  • Theory of Constraints and local optimization
  • Losing sight of customer value when focusing on processes and speed of product development
  • Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planners (from Simon Wardley).

Akshay AnandAs with the previous recording, this one is unpolished. It was recorded on a laptop, and we haven’t resorted to any studio trickery to smarten it up. We want to get the content out as quickly as possible, rather than delay publication until we’ve had a chance to tidy it up. It’s all very Agile!

Please let us know (either on Twitter, or at [email protected]) what you think. Did you agree with the points make - and if not, where did we go wrong? What topics would you like us to cover in more detail? Would you prefer more group discussions vs. one-on-one interviews? Are our production values OK? Should we add more polish, or is it OK as it is? We’d appreciate your thoughts.

Listen to Part One of our DevOps Enterprise Summit Interview.

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