AXELOS 2014: a year of listening, learning and responding to best practice communities

AXELOS 2014: a year of listening, learning and responding to best practice communities

This first, full operating year for AXELOS has been an incredible journey and I would like to thank everyone who has been involved.

We’ve built a company and a team and, importantly, we’ve done it all collaboratively by listening to ITSM, project and programme and cyber resilience practitioners and our partners across the globe.

What has stood out is the passion of those communities who are constantly striving to make best practice principles work in their organizations.

Within the ITSM community, we’ve witnessed an emerging development: how the best practice principles in ITSM can extend beyond IT into broader business service management and benefit the whole organization.

Likewise, in PPM we have, again, listened to the community and focused on developing a way to integrate PRINCE2® with Agile methodologies. There are so many examples of organizations using PRINCE2 in an agile fashion already that there is a distinct demand to provide other practitioners with a clear approach to benefit from it too.

And so, looking to 2015, we have lots of new and exciting developments.

PRINCE2 Agile and Cyber Resilience best practice guidance will be launched in the first half of the year. They will be followed by the availability of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) to support continual learning. This responds to the number one priority from our research amongst practitioners who want to stay up-to-date, contribute to their community, stay relevant and demonstrate this to their peers and organizations.

Our methodologies remain complementary with other approaches and certifications already in use globally. For example, in ITSM our theme is “ITIL® and…” – a complementary approach acknowledging organizations’ need for a “best of breed” combination that blends different, but compatible, principles. This has been reflected in the type of thought leadership papers we’ve commissioned recently, tackling topics such as ITIL and Cloud computing or ITIL and DevOps.

We have formalized the integration of complementary best practices by recognizing prior learning and qualifications from other professional bodies for those who want to expand their professionalism and knowledge through PRINCE2 Practitioner.

It is a privilege to be part of the growing AXELOS team and community; a passionate community from which we have learned how important it is to communicate in an interactive and mutually beneficial way.

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