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Building on the foundation: Why take ITIL® to the next level

Building on the foundation: Why take ITIL® to the next level

I’ve gained the initial ITIL® qualification but I don’t understand what further training and development can do for me. Isn’t the ITIL foundation enough?

Individual practitioners often see the ITIL foundation qualification as a way onto the ladder because businesses recognize it as important as it is a measure of the individual’s heightened understanding of service management. However, if you are using the ITIL qualification as merely a stepping stone when an organization is recruiting then you will never get the true benefit from the certification, nor, importantly, will the business you work for.

Phil HearsumITIL is a fundamental skill, more so now than ever before because IT service management is starting to be seen as valuable across the entire organization and no longer as just a function of the IT department. It is important for individual practitioners to retain and develop their understanding of service management, how it works and why it works, because understanding a business’ priorities is critical to organizations and more and more they are looking for staff who also understand the benefits.

In the future ever more of our daily life will revolve around services and, with the more tedious tasks being replaced by automation even now, the true value of IT service management is becoming increasingly vital to the organization. As we progress, service management will expand so using, honing and developing that skill is beneficial for you in the long run and in terms of career progression. Good service managers will continue to be essential and their skills will become more desirable in the job market in the future.

The whole idea of ITIL and service management is not just a set of processes that you need to follow; it is rather a culture and a way of working underpinned by processes. What you need for it to work is an understanding of why you do it and benefits of doing it - that is the key to its success.

Individuals that develop and progress their ITIL qualifications understand the processes but also the reasons behind them. The difference between a positive service desk call and a negative one is an understanding of why it’s important to help the person on the other end of the phone rather than just achieving a quick call resolution time. Further training and development is proof to a business that individuals understand that.

AXELOS is developing the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme to encourage individual practitioners to continue to develop their qualifications through explaining the importance of it and how it can progress their career.

There’s more to ITIL than just a stepping stone into a business; it works, and businesses know it works - it’s a career developer. Certification in ITIL enhanced by CPD proves capability and that is something that businesses are looking for.

In summation we need to send out the message that ITIL and service management is exciting, beneficial to individuals and organizations and that it will not only continue to be so, but will become even more important in the future. It is an exciting time to be a service manager if you have taken the first step with ITIL foundation certification, so please look to see the opportunities that this offers for you. ITIL is a journey and once you have taken the first step it is worth embracing the ethos.

For further guidance on which ITIL Intermediate modules are most relevant for your current or future roles, take a look at our new Training Navigator tool.

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