Professionalism and Continuing Professional Development

Professionalism and Continuing Professional Development

Professionalism - for the true professional - is not a “flash in the pan” but a long-term commitment. But a commitment to what, exactly?

It’s about dedicating yourself to developing the skills, competencies, behaviours and attitudes that move you beyond completing a course or achieving a certification; it means remaining current in your field while building a track record that speaks for and differentiates you among your peers.

Organizations are looking for people who can do an outstanding job and show they understand the latest methods and approaches which - crucially - are the tangible competencies organizations need.

The best performers in IT service management (ITSM) and project and programme management (PPM) have both professionalism and passion which keeps them abreast of what’s new in their disciplines. And it is because of their feedback, on the importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for long-term career planning, why this year, AXELOS is introducing its first-ever CPD programme to support ITIL® and PRINCE2® practitioners.

A CPD programme provides the practical steps and tools to improve abilities and performance and demonstrates the commitment to doing so. Our approach to CPD is best of breed and will allow individuals to learn and develop in a way that suits them and will help organizations invest in finding and retaining the best talent.

And the first element in our overall CPD programme - Career Path - is an online tool launching this month. This beta test version will show people working in ITSM and PPM the variety of career opportunities in their field and understand the specific skills, abilities and behaviours they need to progress and flourish in new roles. This tool will continue to evolve as we develop our CPD programme using feedback from the community. Later in the year we will also launch our Cyber Resilience portfolio and will ensure that those individuals have the same guidance regarding career paths and CPD as our existing practitioners.

As we’ve acknowledged before, staying relevant, up-to-date and having the ability to demonstrate this in a credible way is the number one priority among our practitioner communities.

AXELOS’ CPD tools that will start to become available within the coming weeks constitute our commitment to your career development and the ongoing value of best practice to organizations worldwide.

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