Building and sustaining resilient behaviours in the face of growing cyber-attacks – a Financial Services perspective

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The banking and personal savings sector is a prime target for hackers, which is no surprise when that's where the money is! Hackers use social engineering and phishing techniques to target both staff and customers to gain access to an organization's information, data and money.

The reality is 90% of successful breaches come through human error, the unwitting actions of anyone regardless of their role or responsibilities – meaning that any one of us can be just one click away.

Our new case study ‘RESILIA® Frontline – A Financial Service Perspective outlines how a leading Financial Services organization turned to RESILIA Frontline and our partner Unicorn to help their staff become their greatest defence against cyber-attack.

As their Chief Executive put it: We take our commitment to securing ‘other people’s money’ very seriously. As an organization, we are always looking to improve how we do things, especially when it comes to security. We need to make sure that we move with the threats we face and provide all our colleagues with simple and practical guidance that’s relevant to their role and enables them to better protect our business.”

The rollout of RESILIA Frontline forms an integral part of the organization’s broader cyber security awareness programme, and regular awareness sessions are conducted as part of an ongoing ‘campaign’ based approach to cyber security awareness.

Download the case study today to discover:

  • Why this leading Financial Services organization chose RESILIA Frontline
  • How RESILIA Frontline can support your organizations’ cyber security awareness training programmes.

Download RESILIA Frontline – A Financial Service Perspective

Additional information:

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Make your people your greatest defence against cyber-attacks today!

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RESILIA® Frontline Case Study: A Financial Services Perspective Industry
This case study explores how adding RESILIA Frontline staff awareness learning to raise awareness of cyber security internally was an important move for a leading UK financial organization. Read