The AXELOS podcast

The AXELOS podcast

The AXELOS podcast was recorded on 7 December 2016 in Tallinn with the speakers and guests of the 11th annual itSMF Estonia conference.

Roman JouravlevAXELOS' Roman Jouravlev talked with Stuart Rance, Stephen Mann, Christian Tijsmans, Elina Pirjanti, Jacob Andersen, Paula Määttänen, Piia Karvonen, Sofi Fahlberg and Rui Soares about the most exciting publications and events of 2016 and the most awaited of 2017.

The speakers of the conference, most of them also active members of the Back2ITSM Facebook group and activists of the national itSMF communities, shared their opinions of the current and coming trends in service management and suggested a professional reading for IT Service Management (ITSM) professionals.

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Among the highlights of the discussion are:

  • ITIL Practitioner and DevOps Handbook is seen as as the most expected and influencing publications of the year
  • Integration of various subject areas and professional communities, such as operations, development, security and business service management
  • The need for more valuable and at the same time affordable events globally and in the UK
  • Constant attention to the People aspect of service management.

And to conclude the talk, some valuable reading suggestions from the ITSM community activists – something to add to your 2017 To Read list.

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