PRINCE2 Agile™ - An ATO's Views

PRINCE2 Agile™ - An ATO's Views

PRINCE2 Agile is long overdue.

David Tomlinson

Though I’ve already been using PRINCE2® as a “wrapper” around agile methods, the rise of agile – post the Agile Manifesto – in relation to traditional project management is now starting to reach a level of maturity.

AXELOS has done a good job of bringing together the two seemingly disparate entities; I say “seemingly” because any agile people coming to PRINCE2 might be surprised to see the methodology is already agile-enabled, with nothing to stop them using agile development.

For PRINCE2 practitioners, they will see how it’s possible to fix time and cost and build a reputation for delivering on time, all of the time.

Where will PRINCE2 Agile work well? In reality, most projects have elements that can be agile and every project should consider how it could blend traditional and agile methods. In terms of sectors, Government is facing some clear challenges such as the need to make savings in time and money. But being publicly funded, it needs a blend of PRINCE2 control and cutting edge agile methods.

Practitioners encountering PRINCE2 Agile will occupy one of two camps: those going through the training now and others already using agile but wanting greater governance. Existing practitioners will, with the new guidance, have something to assist their best practice approach. For all, it will show a commitment to personal development and extending knowledge into the agile arena. Agile is going to become more prominent as time goes on and could be the prompt for re-registration of PRINCE2 practitioners who recognize the need to display up-to-date professionalism.

And for Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs), PRINCE2 Agile will be latest tool to help clients progress and equip their staff for the shifting demands of project management.

The gap in the market for best practice training that tailors PRINCE2 to accommodate agile has needed filling; AXELOS has done just that.

For more information, see our PRINCE2 Agile section.

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PRINCE2 Agile™ - ATO views

Have you used PRINCE2 and agile together when managing projects or programmes? What did you find were the key considerations? Share your experiences in the comments box below.

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