What happens when your cyber-attack hits the headlines?

What happens when your cyber-attack hits the headlines?

Ever had the nightmare of your company being hacked and it making national news? Have you ever stood in front of your board and felt like saying ‘I told you so’?

This is exactly what happened to one CSO (Chief Security Officer) in our real-life Cyber Stories from the Frontline series of cyber security stories.

How can the facts of this true story act as both a warning and a guide to other organizations when so many executive teams still treat the threat of a cyber-attack as remote and unlikely?

In the second of our series, How To Avoid That ‘I Told You So’ Moment, we explore:

  • What to do when your predictions become an unfortunate reality
  • The importance of having robust security processes and procedures at all times, but especially during organizational change
  • The relationship between employee morale and cyber security 
  • How to regain control when flaws in your organization are exposed publicly.

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