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My AXELOS – Benefiting from a best practice community

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Part of the new My AXELOS subscription service for best practice professionals is a focus on “community”. The AXELOS online community is a place where you can learn and interact with other people involved in IT service management, project management and cyber resilience.

Here, Community Manager, Harri Freeman, takes you on a tour of why the community matters:

The AXELOS Community emphasizes individuals’ contribution to the world of best practice.

If best practice is about a group of people working together to describe the best way to work, then the Community provides a dedicated online space for everyone to have their voices heard, to engage with and shape best practices based on real-life experiences.

For the past two years, our Community has featured a set of forums, a blog feed and, more recently, private groups. The original idea was to provide a hub to discuss best practice and work through issues relating to AXELOS’s best practice guidance and exams.

For example, early users of ITIL Foundation can join and ask basic questions about how to get the best from the guidance.

Today, the Community is much more about its members having conversations rather than people from AXELOS engaging directly in those conversations. With a free account, you can post on the forums or simply read the community feed without signing up. Also, it gives people a platform to have their best practice insights published and get involved in private groups to contribute to our AXELOS product development.

What we’ve decided to do is listen to what the community says and feed that information back into improving what we do.

The power of listening

With the growth of private groups within the Community, we are now much closer to the end learner and practitioner than previously and can take feedback on product development, such as the ITIL update, and share it with our product teams.

We believe the Community is the foundation on which new products should be built, something which was less prevalent before the internet.

And a community such as ours – bonded around a common interest – is a good example of where people can be heard online rather than struggling to get above the noise that dominates some social media.

Having an opinion on professional best practice and participating in the AXELOS Community means you can have an influence and begin to effect change in the best practices, such as ITIL and PRINCE2, that are widely used around the world. This can only make your work, your organization and other organizations operate more effectively.

A safe place to participate

Our impression is that the overwhelming majority of people see the AXELOS Community as a positive place to get involved: product reviewers or people contributing to the regular flow of content appreciate being heard. Meanwhile, trainers have told us it’s a great platform for learners to ask questions and prepare for exams.

Above all, it’s a welcoming place to come and interact. You don’t need to be an expert in your field to have an opinion; it’s about fostering an environment for freedom of speech in which people will disagree with each other but without the mob mentality experienced in some corners of the internet.

I believe that the Community is living up to our founding vision: when you have a problem or a question to do with best practice you go to the AXELOS Community, because that’s where the experts are and where you will get the answers you need.

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14 Jul 2018 Orian
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Rightly said! Listening to the conversations in this space imbeds best practice beyond the classroom. Being exposed to real time examples of the principles at work is like being mentored by a leading expert!
22 Jul 2018 Russ
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Great information!
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