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This week, AXELOS announced the launch of My AXELOS, an online content subscription aligned to some of the world’s most widely used project and service management frameworks, ITIL®, PRINCE2® and MSP®.

Here, Emer O’Sullivan, Marketing Lead at AXELOS explains why they’ve made the move towards an online content subscription.

In today’s environment, being able to assert your professional value to your organization has become more important than ever. At AXELOS, it’s our job to make sure we are supporting those using our best practices so that they get as much value as possible.

My AXELOS is defined by three core values: content, community and credibility. But it’s no mistake that we chose to lead with content. Regular consumption of content is vital for keeping yourselves up-to-date with the latest thought leadership. Best practice, by its very nature, is constantly evolving. As the industry moves, best practice moves with it – incorporating new methods, concepts or ideologies.  To truly understand best practice, you need to do the same.

This doesn’t just mean keeping up-to-date with the core guidances; content can take multiple forms. Reading white papers, commenting on user forums, listening to webinars or podcasts are all great examples of different types of content you can be digesting as part of your day-to-day activities to ensure you truly keep on top of best practice.

To know where to begin, it’s important to think about what format works for you.  As part of the AXELOS PPM and ITSM 2017 Benchmarking reports, we surveyed project management and IT service management professionals from across the world to find out which learning style suited them most. Pragmatism came out on top, which is defined as a desire to put learning into practice through experimentation or understanding real-world application through examples. These types of learners might best respond to case studies as a form of content – so they can get into the mindset of how the best practice might apply in this given situation, before doing the same within their own organization or working environment.

Other learning styles include activism, which is for those who want to get their hands dirty and get involved straight away. These individuals might benefit from problem-solving activities such as online quizzes, or using templates and toolkits to apply the best practice themselves.

Finally, reflectors and theorists like to learn through analysis – gathering evidence and understanding the lay of the land before making their move.  Reflectors and theorists would enjoy reading white papers and thought-leadership to gather a complete view of the industry and the theories and best practices surrounding it.

Whatever your learning style, My AXELOS has a wide range of content to support you. Our aim is make it as easy as possible for you to get the most value out of our best practices, through the regular sharing of content that will support you, develop you, and ultimately – keep you evolving, as best practice does too.

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