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Welcoming Project Managers to Prior Learning Recognition for PRINCE2® Practitioner

Welcoming Project Managers to Prior Learning Recognition for PRINCE2® Practitioner

For project managers everywhere - who now have the PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification firmly on their horizon for the first time - I have two words: "We listened!"

You shared your frustrations with us about the historical process of moving up to PRINCE2 Practitioner level only via the Foundation qualification, even though you had prior learning and experience. You were right: this was going backwards in order to go forwards.

Luckily, we've moved forwards and - as AXELOS - are now responding to the needs and concerns of a global PPM marketplace and doing things that project managers would probably never have expected from us.

Frances ScarfOur move to give all project managers with certain qualifications from other accrediting bodies - including the Project Management Institute (PMI)* and the International Project Management Association (IPMA) - a direct route to becoming PRINCE2 Practitioner level had never been done before AXELOS was formed.

Now, we felt, was the right time for this natural evolution of support to the PPM community. With PRINCE2 exams available in 21 languages and adopted in 120 countries it's sufficiently well-regarded and established for us to help even greater numbers working in PPM worldwide to enhance their skills.

Recognizing prior learning and other accrediting bodies' qualifications is not entirely new to our organization. This approach already existed within our ITIL® best practice standards. But for PPM, it's new. In the world before AXELOS it was just more difficult to acknowledge other global qualifications.

And what we do now, we do more quickly and - we believe - with a greater level of innovation. But it's worth departing from history only if the things we do have a positive impact on the PPM community.

The immediate response to our policy change among project managers has been positive - so thank you for that! Ultimately, our decision to do this was focused on making career development easier for individual practitioners by recognizing their knowledge, expertise and prior certification.

Enabling greater access to PRINCE2 Practitioner is about showing how the variety of best practice standards are all part of a larger project management "jigsaw puzzle"; adding PRINCE2 to the palette of colours for practitioners schooled in other qualifications helps to create a more coherent, bigger picture in which project managers can choose which practices are most effective in particular situations and to deliver better projects.

And for our compatriots in the other accrediting bodies, we trust they will see our new recognition of prior learning as supporting and up-skilling project managers by offering access to a standard which is complementary to theirs.

Among Accredited Training Organizations, this is an opportunity to gain new students in territories with a strong PMI and IPMA presence. For them, this should be about working with people already engaged in the PPM community who want to pick up new skills directly. Equally, having more experienced project managers involved in the interactive parts of the training should enliven the courses with even more informed and informative discussions.

But our work at AXELOS doesn't end with introducing the prior learning recognition. We are actively seeking feedback from PPM communities around the world where PRINCE2 Practitioner is currently not well-established. If the demand is there, then the required translation of both exams and the relevant manual needs to be addressed. For example, we are currently considering the requirement of Japanese project managers who already have the PRINCE2 Foundation qualification in their native language, but not PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Introducing experienced and qualified project managers to PRINCE2 Practitioner as an entrance point for our PPM best practice standards is a step forward for the industry that's been long overdue. And we look forward to welcoming you on your onward journey.

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Good decision !!! by Enabling greater access to PRINCE2 Practitioner has benefited lots of people
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