Hacked Into A Parallel Universe: a real-life story of cyber crime

Hacked Into A Parallel Universe: a real-life story of cyber crime

AXELOS' ‘Cyber Stories from the Frontline’ bring to life the reality of cyber crime for organizations today –  from the perspective of those who have had first-hand experience.

What if you were responsible for your organization's IT security and your boss told you your systems had been breached?

This is exactly what happened to one Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in our real-life ‘Cyber Stories from the Frontline’ series of cyber resilience stories.

How can the events of this true story serve as both a warning and a guide to other organizations at a time when coordinated and successful cyber-attacks are becoming a worldwide phenomenon?.

In the first in our series, Hacked Into A Parallel Universe, we explore:

  • What happens when a CISO believes their company is impregnable when, in fact, it was totally unprepared for a cyber breach
  • How board-level decisions on cyber security left the organization more vulnerable to threats
  • Why relinquishing direct control of some their IT services was part of the company’s downfall
  • How the organization changed its approach following this potentially catastrophic incident.

To find out what you can learn from this ‘Tale from the Frontline’, download the full story, Cyber Stories from the Frontline - Hacked into a Parallel Universe (PDF, 5MB)

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