Meet the ITIL team – Akshay Anand

Meet the ITIL team – Akshay Anand

It might sound strange to say that there’s no need to be afraid of failure. And that goes for IT Service Management (ITSM) as much as anything else in life and business.

Using ITIL® to learn how not to fail in ITSM

In fact, one of ITIL® Practitioner’s co-authors, Kevin Behr, has called ITIL a book about “how people have failed”. And we have good reason to thank all the people in IT who have failed before us – because what they learned was distilled into ITIL as experience and guidance that we all benefit from today.

So, rather than seeing ITIL as something that tells you what to do, it’s more about showing you how to avoid failure!

But as IT and ITSM changes and develops, we – in AXELOS’ ITIL team – need to know what’s happening at the “coalface” and that’s why we’re keen to hear what the community thinks is important and what will enable them to do their jobs successfully.

Helping the community use ITIL to deliver value

For me, this is an opportunity to help the ITSM community have a voice and to enable practitioners to get the very best out of ITIL along with other frameworks and approaches that are now being used.

I know those working in ITSM are passionate about what they do because I was one of them! 15 years in the industry – both as a consultant and in-house head of service management – has shown me how much my colleagues really care about delivering customer value and experience.

The move in organizations towards providing services – and recognizing the need to manage those services – means that people are turning with fresh enthusiasm to ITIL: looking at the guidance to help them deliver and support services that achieve customer value.

Learn more about Akshay on his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

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