Meet the ITIL Team – Roman Zhuravlev

Meet the ITIL Team – Roman Zhuravlev

Roman Zhuravlev talks service management and why ITIL® is not the work of a “crazy professor”!

Service management is everywhere – and that means the economy becoming more customer-focused, intelligent and alive.

With the exciting concept of digital transformation, organizations are embracing IT in the same way they once embraced electricity. In the midst of that, IT service management (ITSM) is helping businesses to survive, succeed and serve customers using information technologies.

Proven Practical Guidance

Roman at itSMFest 2016Against that background, ITIL provides practical guidance vital for delivering services in an organization. And it’s proven – being derived from the real-life experience of many companies and practitioners. What it’s not is a theory developed in a basement by a crazy professor!

Which leads to what makes my job in AXELOS’ ITIL team interesting: it’s a daily workshop with the best of the profession; observing, reading, listening, catching emerging developments and analysing them. As AXELOS is the independent custodian of ITIL best practice, we’re responsible for developing the guidance and certifications that will support service management professionals in their work around the world.

For me, this is my dream job after working in ITSM for more than 15 years, including time on the service desk and in various service management, training and consultancy roles. Indeed, my work with itSMF Russia has involved publishing books based on ITIL to help Russian ITSM professionals access international best practice.

Best Practice Approaches

So, my new mission with AXELOS is to improve service management by taking the best practice approaches professionals are using in the real world and contributing them to ITIL’s development.

ITIL is like having a professional toolbox: you might not need every single tool, but you have a choice of them at your disposal to help provide services and deliver business value from IT.

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