PRINCE2 2017 Update: an investment in you

PRINCE2 2017 Update: an investment in you

Mike Babb, who is responsible for recruitment into Capita’s 4,500-strong professional services division, gives his verdict on the PRINCE2® 2017 Update:

Since qualifying in PRINCE2 six years ago I’ve witnessed at first hand the importance of tailoring the project management method.

In my Projects Director role, this has given me a project management structure without forcing me to use PRINCE2 “by the letter of the law”. Instead, I’ve tailored it to my environment while having a check and balance on the project’s end goal, managing scope creep and handling stakeholders. Ultimately, it’s about using the method to deliver what the business wants.

Tailoring in PRINCE 2017

That’s why - having just studied for and taken the exam in the updated PRINCE2 2017 certification - the new emphasis on tailoring is really sensible. Though I’ve always tailored the guidance, it was not always explicit about what I could or should be tailoring as part of PRINCE2. Now, the flow of the new guidance and the clear link to tailoring (with specific examples called out such as agile working), is a much better way to present PRINCE2. And the new PRINCE2 exam is much fairer in the way it assesses your knowledge.

When recruiting and developing people in Capita’s professional services businesses, we need to ensure that all the businesses have the right people in place. There are numerous project-based roles and that needs consistency in ways of working across the organization. With so many people it is, as AXELOS has pointed out, like “herding cats” to get consistency in project management skills!

Continued relevance of PRINCE2 and projects

Today, with more and more work becoming project-oriented, PRINCE2 is as relevant as ever. Even the nature of how people are employed by organizations, often based on short-term assignments and project work, makes PRINCE2 an appropriate skill for that type of employment.

Having the method means you ensure you have a plan for what you need to do and take the time to think it through. This discipline enables you to work in a structured manner to satisfy your customer, whoever that is. It enables you to question whether you’re working in the right way, engaging with the right people and within the budget set. And having the knowledge and flexibility to adapt it to your situation, while breaking down a project into its sub-elements, makes it appear more achievable.

Importance of PRINCE2 beyond the workplace

But beyond the workplace and your career, becoming PRINCE2 certified is an investment in you that you can apply to anything, including your personal life.

Whatever you decide to do in your life, it’s likely you will be faced with a project and having the principles of PRINCE2 will always stand you in good stead.

See our PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 2017 sections for more information.

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21 Jun 2017 Robert Agamirzyan
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Very good article, heading is magnificent. Do anybody knows when do the updated exams will appear on the market?
22 Jun 2017 Tom Lynam
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Thanks for the comment Robert, glad you enjoyed it. The exams will be publicly available from trainers who are accredited from the week commencing 10 July 2017. Thanks, Tom
27 Jan 2021 Kevin Elcock
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Really good article and very useful with plenty of information located within the links
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Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 2017 Edition

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