‘Phishing: Speared’ a RESILIA Frontline audio story

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How willing are you to trust an email from a colleague you know, asking you to click a link or open an attachment?

And what happens when you realize the person asking you to do something for them turns out not to be the person you believed they were?

This is the nightmare scenario for Priti Kumar in our cyber crime-related audio story from AXELOS Global Best Practice.

As a public relations executive for a defence contractor in our story, Priti is tricked into sharing controversial business information – a tactic known as “spear phishing”. By the time she realizes the error, the information is no longer confidential and all she can do is wait for the fall-out from this corporate breach.

And Priti isn’t alone in this scenario. Any one of us can make that simple mistake. One click of a mouse and the whole organization is breached.

So how does an organization – whose critical data and information could be placed at risk from a real-life spear phishing attack – help its employees to acknowledge the risk and to understand what they need to do to reduce the risk?

Learning from fictional stories about cyber-related risk is far preferable to learning the hard way as the victim of an actual spear phishing attack. This approach to training is at the core of the RESILIA Frontline cyber security and data privacy awareness training approach. Our 10 modules are all scenario based to help make the complex more real and relatable. And our supporting audio stories help your people to share the emotions of our characters, putting themselves in their shoes.

In this way, well-trained and prepared staff will be more cautious about clicking on links or attachments in emails, more vigilant when asked to share sensitive information and more resistant to pressure from so-called “colleagues” to divulge information immediately or to share passwords.

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*Priti Kumar is a fictitious name used for the purpose of this fictitious story only. Any similarity to a real person is not intended nor should it be inferred.

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