'BYOD: Too Shiny. Too Easy' – a RESILIA Frontline audio story

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Do you know what it means to be the victim of cyber crime?

For example, how does it feel to have your mobile device stolen and find that someone has used it to hack into confidential and valuable work information?

If it’s never happened to you, or someone you know, it can be difficult to imagine.

So how does an organization – whose critical data and information could be placed at risk from the real-life theft of a mobile device – help its employees to acknowledge the risk and to understand what they need to do to reduce the risk?

The learning process for greater cyber resilience awareness among employees is made easier by immersing them in an engaging and relevant story.

That’s why the first of RESILIA Frontline’s new audio story series BYOD: Too Shiny. Too Easy dramatizes the loss of a personal mobile phone used for work. The sense of panic that overcomes the character of Gina Masters*, investment strategist in the City of London, as she realizes what the theft of her personal mobile phone might cause is brought to life in four minutes.

RESILIA Frontline cyber security awareness training uses storytelling to engage by appealing to our emotions. Used as part of the wider RESILIA Frontline training and communications suite, these new audio stories help to make the risks real to us and help us realize what simple and practical actions we need to make to reduce the day-to-day risks we all face.

In the case of Gina Masters, she felt constrained by her work device but should have followed the organization's policy, rather than use her personal device and open up her employer to cyber attack.

To learn more about the power of storytelling in cyber security, visit our The Power of Storytelling for Cyber Security Awareness Training page. We would love to show you!

You can also request a free live demonstration of RESILIA Frontline, at a time that suits you, on our RESILIA Frontline page.

Make your people your greatest defence against cyber attacks with RESILIA Frontline!

*Gina Masters is a fictitious name used for the purpose of this fictitious story only. Any similarity to a real person is not intended nor should it be inferred.

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