Human centred learning: Evolving tech for better outcomes

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Those of us at TSO who work as close partners to AXELOS are extremely committed to understanding how the content and products we publish are used by our customers.

One of the ways we do this is to take training courses and exams using the same materials they have access to, so that we can share their experience first-hand. What comes from this is a deeper insight into how to boost their learning experience and help them achieve their objectives. This could be through improvements to existing products or, in the case of something like TSO SmartTabs, the creation of an entirely new product which solves multiple problems faced by people working through self-study or virtual learning towards a time sensitive, open book exam.

Our product range consists of various learning tools across a variety of formats, which provide an active learning experience designed to help understanding and mastery for adult learners.

We’re aware that all learners have an individual learning style, however experience has taught us that optimal learning is achieved through a blended experience that allows for different senses to be used, resulting in deeper understanding. That’s why we developed powerful self-study apps for the foundation levels of ITIL 4, PRINCE2 and, most recently, PRINCE2 Agile

The PRINCE2 Agile app

These tools, used with the core study text, give users access to an unparalleled question bank devised directly by the AXELOS exams team to help test their understanding and retention of key concepts. And, because they’re actively engaged with content, these theories are then brought to life. From the data insights that the apps give us, we are able to examine how each question performs and then fine tune areas of the content to ensure that we deliver maximum benefit to our users.

We use storytelling within our products to provide readers with another entry point to the content.  Putting complex, technical concepts into realistic scenarios, this allows them to relate to their own experiences and engage more deeply.

Stories give meaning and value, lead to behavioural change and assist in building memory. For this reason, we worked with AXELOS to develop the concept of a ‘Golden Thread’ narrative. This narrative follows a team of people striving to transform their business through the application of Best Practice techniques from ITIL 4, PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile. This thread now runs through several of the books, pdfs and apps and has been a huge success.

As a content publisher with a strong digital development focus, we’re very keen to bring together a wide range of proven and effective techniques, combined with new and experimental ones, so that just like our customers; we are always learning and developing to be the best we can be.

The official ITIL 4, PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile apps from TSO are available to download in your app store.

Justin Kitchener leads a team of publishing professionals at TSO who bring the official AXELOS Best Practice portfolio to the world through a range of high-quality mediums. He is passionate about improving customer experiences, product development, and how combining these areas can help adult-learners maximise their outcomes.

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