The genesis of PRINCE2 Agile – a work of agile collaboration

The genesis of PRINCE2 Agile – a work of agile collaboration

For those waiting to hear, or wondering, about progress regarding the development of PRINCE2 Agile: please be assured, your wait is nearly over!

Having harnessed a highly diverse set of opinions from within the working group, the new best practice guidance, which will blend the best of project management governance and agile delivery methods, has now seen the third and final iteration completed.

Keith RichardsThe value of challenging the early iterations of any part of PRINCE2 Agile has been important throughout its development; if the new methodology is going to be respected by the agile community it has to be built by the agile community which means the venture has to be collaborative and driven by a broad group of experts with differing views of both agile and PRINCE2.

Whether or not it was Confucius, or someone similar, who said that ‘when given two options, take the third’, it was certainly the theme running throughout the creation of PRINCE2 Agile. The level of creative collaboration on the project, including the use of interactive workshops, was highly productive in generating a range of options and opinions for consideration. This collaboration has been about respecting all views no matter how off-beat they may appear. Crucially, it is the diversity created by the agile movement – fully evident during this process – that means PRINCE2 Agile will be better as a result.

And so, through collaboration and listening to other people’s opinions, PRINCE2 Agile today is much improved since its earlier iterations.

Many people have given a lot to this project, providing incredible levels of insight that are now transforming into something special that will help thousands of people and organizations to improve the way – the agile way – in which they work.

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2 Apr 2015 Joostnuyten
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Is it possible to have a presentation on Prince2 Agile on the second of June in the Netherlands at our annual BPUG seminar
or is this to soon?
10 Jun 2015 Frank Turley
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Thanks Keith, nice article
10 Jun 2015 Public Anonymous User
Thanks Keith, nice article
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