AXELOS Enterprise Service Management Podcast

AXELOS Enterprise Service Management Podcast

In early December 2016, Kaimar Karu and I found ourselves in Portland, Oregon running a workshop with Jon Terry, Shane Carlson, and Kevin Behr. Over dinner one night, we started talking about Enterprise Service Management (ESM). Differences in opinion started to surface, and I realized it would make a good podcast.

To cut a long story short:

Akshay Anand
  • Kaimar and Shane think ESM is the same as (or similar to) Digital Transformation
  • Jon was sceptical of the benefits of ESM
  • Kevin was neutral/positive to the prospects of ESM, as he felt it was an application of long-standing Lean and IT Service Management (ITSM) principles to non-IT domains
  • I think ESM, if approached right, can help businesses improve consistency of the services they provide, which in turn can enable programmes like Digital Transformation to succeed.

Listen to the full podcast to hear our entire discussion about ESM.

What camp do you fall into? Reach out to us over Twitter (links in the bios below), or email us at [email protected] to let us know!

Kaimar Karu is the Head of Product Strategy and Development at AXELOS, where he oversees the development of the ITSM body of knowledge. His Twitter handle is @kaimarkaru.

Kevin Behr is the Chief Science Officer and General Manager at PraxisFlow LLC, where he helps clients in applying systems thinking and design to implement effective DevOps and Agile capabilities. He can be found on Twitter @kevinbehr.

Jon Terry is the co-CEO at LeanKit, where he helps clients implement innovative visual project delivery tools and apply Lean management principles. His Twitter handle is @leankitjon.

Shane Carlson is an independent ITIL and Six Sigma consultant, with nearly two decades’ experience in helping customers transform their ITSM capabilities. He can be found on Twitter at @ITSMPundit.

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23 Mar 2017 Rabi Krishnaratne
Alternate text
Like the inclusion of lean, L6S and agile.....thank you
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