The importance of collaboration in the evolution of ITSM

The importance of collaboration in the evolution of ITSM

Following the publication of AXELOS' The Future ITSM Professional report, AXELOS associate Toby Moore joined Dr Tuuli Bell, partner manager at Tasktop Technologies, to discuss the evolution of ITSM businesses and the shift to a more service-based culture.Dr Tuuli Bell

Every business provides a service. Even if it’s a manufacturing business producing a physical product, the supply of that product to a customer is a service. So as customers become more discerning in their ‘service’ expectations, what is the role of IT?

Tuuli Bell believes its role must go back to the fundamentals of the organization: “Most companies don’t necessarily have a business-oriented service approach. Employees need to understand what their core services are, how do their end customers use it and the role of IT – as well as other departments – in delivering that service.”

Collaboration is key to business success

Successful businesses are those that design their services backwards, beginning with objectives. But how do organizations get to that point? The key is collaboration:

“It starts with understanding each other,” says Tuuli. “Put yourself in their role. Set the ground rules. Work out what is the greater goal and understand ‘the why’. Then work out where you are currently and where you want to get to. You also need to get management behind it.”

The importance of understanding

Toby MooreToby agrees: “It’s important that the CFO understands how IT contributes to the bottom line but also that the IT team knows where they come in. I remember when I worked on a Service Desk, the CIO sat with the team and talked about a live project and explained how it related to the bigger picture. At the end of the session we all said that we now understood how we contributed.”

By understanding the wider business objectives, it also enables IT teams to respond to emerging needs within their organization in a collaborative way.

Tuuli said: “By encouraging people to speak to each other, they can throw around ideas of how they can help each other be more effective.”

This is something Toby also backed up: “It’s not about going into a meeting with a tool and saying, we’re going to do this. It’s about speaking to people and developing an approach together.”

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Download the Future ITSM Professional Report

To hear more of Tuuli and Toby’s discussion listen to the full webinar, Putting service before IT: Exploring the Future of ITSM.

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