Taking IT4IT on the ITSM journey

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What is IT4IT and who is it relevant for? AXELOS’ ITSM Portfolio Development Manager, Roman Zhuravlev and Anton Lykov, Solution Architect for Micro Focus, discussed the IT4IT architecture model in a recent AXELOS webinar and this blog post offers a brief summary of their discussion.

You can access the webinar and also download the IT4IT White Paper on AXELOS.com.

Every ITSM process is highly likely to benefit from IT4IT if service strategy management is good enough to ensure a holistic and rational approach to ITSM automation and information management.

IT4IT is a useful tool for anyone on the ITSM improvement journey and is likely to be relevant to you if you:

  • Design and manage a service management system
  • Design, develop and improve a service management tool
  • Need to integrate management systems and tools with your partners, suppliers and customers.

And also if you are:

  • A process owner or manager
  • A service or product owner
  • Generally interested in how ITSM system works.

The IT context

Roman ZhuravlevInformation technology is evolving and moving back to the frontline of business development. IT is moving from a hierarchical, command and control approach to self-regulated, product-focused teams.

In turn, the approach to management is changing to include Lean and agile principles for IT project and process management alongside agile service management and DevOps.

There is no such thing as 100% internal IT anymore, just like there is no 100% self-sufficient and self-catering companies. Developing dependencies between partners in the value network require compatibility and visibility.

While the “4 Ps” of people, process, partners and products remain, the way these components work and interact are changing dramatically and very quickly. Therefore, companies need to evolve to understand and respond to a less predictable environment.

Addressing the challenges with IT4IT

Anton LykovWith all the challenges facing companies, there is a need for a transparent view of business processes, products and services, information, technology and partnerships.This is where IT4IT is a step forward.

IT4IT offers IT and ITSM professionals a standard for IT management with the clear principle of “focus on value” and a universal reference information architecture for IT management.

One of the main things IT organizations build is the IT value chain. Using a value chain approach that includes elements such as strategy to portfolio, requirement to deploy, request to fulfil and detect to correct should help IT to ensure constant focus on value and holistic view on IT contribution to the organization’s success.

The reference architecture helps to understand and manage information flow through the value chain, involving internal and external parties.

The IT4IT reference architecture is:

  • A high level information model defining functional components of an integrated IT management toolset, key data objects and integration of them within and by such a toolset.
  • Focused on the data objects mandatory for ensuring end-to-end traceability of the service operationally and/or financially.

The IT4IT model is designed to manage the lifecycle of services, adding an information and records perspective to management system design. It can help to integrate IT management activities of multiple teams using multiple tools in multiple locations. Working in the same information/data architecture means data can be exchanged without losing its integrity.

IT4IT does not include a process model or architecture and should be integrated into organization’s management system. IT management system is often based on ITIL® recommendations, and IT4IT and ITIL are highly compatible; it is a good idea to use them together.

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31 May 2018 John Williams
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In my experience it does feel sometimes that the Implementation of ITSM does become fragmented and doesn't achieve its goal, this is a great presentation on the 'Holistic View'
Thank you
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