A TweetChat about agile delivery and PRINCE2 Agile®

A TweetChat about agile delivery and PRINCE2 Agile®

Tom LynamWhat does the world want to know about agile delivery methods and their place in PRINCE2 Agile best practice?

One of the easiest ways to find out is to ask the world using that most instant of communications tools, Twitter. And so AXELOS – including Allan Thomson, our PPM Future Product lead – and PRINCE2 Agile’s lead author, Keith Richards of agileKRC, took to the Twittersphere on Friday 28 October 2016 and this is a summary of what happened:

On successful agile adoption:

Allan Thomson (AT): “What is the most important aspect to successful agile adoption?

Keith Richards (KR): “Getting a clear understanding of why you are going agile. Getting clear sponsorship and ownership of the change.”

On PRINCE2 vs Agile

@FoxAgile: “Do you feel PRINCE2 Agile is an oxymoron? Given how different the two methodologies are how can they work well together?

AT: “PRINCE2® is already agile-enabled. Combining the governance of PRINCE2 with the flexible delivery of agile.”

KR: “PRINCE2 Agile is not an oxymoron. Agile has strong PRODUCT focus. PRINCE2 has a strong PROJECT focus.”

On waterfall methods:

@FoxAgile: “Does that not just make it iterative waterfall though?”

KR: “PRINCE2 Agile is not iterative waterfall unless you decide to make it that way inclined. PRINCE2 is a project management framework – you can run it waterfall OR iterative/incremental – the choice is yours. I do a lot of work in the digital space. If you are doing something complicated it needs to be managed.”

On applying PRINCE2 Agile:

@FoxAgile: “Does it work better in some industries over others? Or does it have good universal application?”

AT: [There’s] a good example of P2A adoption by Sony in this recent case study.

KR: “PRINCE2 Agile has universal application. Some industries are easier than others though (e.g. digital is very easy). I had the good fortune to train some from Sony. They were all very switched on and understood how agile BLENDS with PRINCE2. The best results are achieved when sensible people 'get it'. Try avoiding the evangelists and the merchants of doom!”

@CourseConductor (Find the best courses in the project management world using reviews written by fellow professionals): “What are the biggest mistakes to avoid?”

KR: “Biggest mistake to make is to go all 'happy-clappy' with your agile. Empower and trust – yes! But always stay in control. I have seen many multi-million pound/dollar catastrophes all in the name of agile.”

AT: “Would you say agile is fundamentally ‘anti-management’? If so – how do you reconcile this?”

KR: “Many in the agile community try to enforce the anti-management stereotype but complicated projects won’t manage themselves. I have seen numerous disasters in the name of ‘anti-management agile’.”

On solving project problems:

@BestPractice_UK (a global provider of a variety of courses including PRINCE2, MSP®, ITIL® and new ITIL® Practitioner in-house, online or publicly): “What is the most exciting aspect of PRINCE2 Agile for you?”

KR: “The most exciting aspect of PRINCE2 Agile is that it is current and solves a lot of the problems faced on projects in today's world. I think it really is a perfect blend. It brings together tried and tested project management basics with the new wave of agile thinking – like salt and pepper.

On reporting:

AT: “Agile typically won’t do reports – how is reporting managed in PRINCE2 Agile then?”

KR: “No reporting = ‘fragile agile’. Reporting may be done differently, e.g. by progress charts on walls.”

Tom Lynam: “What's the most interesting type of reporting you've seen in an agile project?”

KR: Reporting can be done in many ways. It takes a lot to beat a WIP board or burn chart. The info is then 'pullable'.”

On training in PRINCE2 Agile:

@BestPractice_UK: “What would you say to anyone thinking of taking PRINCE2 Agile training to best prepare for it?”

KR: “Just make sure your PRINCE2 is not a dim and distant memory. Then go on a training course open-minded.”

@CourseConductor: “Should people do their PRINCE2 Practitioner and PMP before doing PRINCE2 Agile?”

KR: “You need to be PRINCE2 Foundation in order to do PRINCE2 Agile – a few other project management qualifications will get you there too.”

@SPOCE (Accredited Training Organization for Project and Programme Management – Best Practices such as PRINCE2, MSP, M_o_R®, APM, ITIL, P3O®, MoV®, MoP®): “For me the benefits are that any agile framework can be incorporated, not just Scrum and Kanban. Delegates are responding well and say how intuitive it is and how they have evolved naturally to become more agile.”

KR: “Great to hear that it is intuitive – a big plus.”

See our PRINCE2 Agile section for more information.

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20 Aug 2018 John Phillips
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A useful question and answer session dispelling the myths of a PRINCE2 and Agile partnership.
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“No reporting = ‘fragile agile’. Reporting may be done differently
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