Our Announcement from the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016 - Part One

Our Announcement from the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016 - Part One

Hi everyone, thanks for listening to first audio interview brought to you by the ITIL® team. We hope you enjoy it.

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Gene KimWe’re getting off to a flying start with two stellar interviewees:

  • Gene Kim (IT Revolution Press, co-author of The Phoenix Project and The DevOps Handbook)
  • Kaimar Karu (Head of Product Strategy and Development at AXELOS).

Kevin Behr (Chief Scientific Officer at PraxisFlow, co-author of The Phoenix Project) pops up toward the end. (Hi, Kevin).

Together, they discuss:

  • the joint partnership between IT Revolution Press and AXELOS
  • their vision for the DevOps Awareness Training
  • how they believe it will add value to the DevOps and IT service management communities.

Akshay AnandThe interview was recorded at the DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) 2016 in San Francisco, shortly after the partnership was announced.

On a side note, this interview is unpolished. We recorded it using whatever commodity equipment was to hand, and there’s not an ad to be seen for miles around. While some (or all!) of these elements might be upgraded in the weeks or months to come, first we want to ascertain whether an upgrade is necessary.

Please let us have your feedback on:

  • the production quality
  • the interview/group discussion format
  • the topics you would like to have featured on a future episodes
  • guests you’d like to recommend.

Please send your feedback to [email protected].

Listen to Part Two of our DevOps Enterprise Summit Interview.

Find out more about the Official DevOps Awareness Training Centre initiative from AXELOS.

Read Gene Kim's blog post for AXELOS, Integrating DevOps into the ITIL Orthodoxy.

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Official DevOps Awareness Training Centre

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