RESILIA: Social Media Protection: One Nil to the Hackers

Graphic of hand holding smartphone overlaid with slogan 'One Nil to the Hackers'

Don’t get fooled into making costly mistakes

Have you seen the devastation a cyber breach can have on a business and its employees?

The far-reaching impacts can include reputational loss, damage to competitive advantage and disruption to operational stability.

These problems can emanate from a simple human error where someone has been enticed to click on a link within an email or been duped into revealing valuable information which the cyber-criminal uses to gain access to a company’s IT system.

Bob, who is the subject of one of our RESILIA audio story ‘One Nil to the Hackers’, shows just how easily it can happen. He is caught out by a hacker who spent time monitoring Bob’s online social media activity to gather information and then pretend to be a forgetful colleague to trick Bob into parting with highly confidential company information.

Bob’s biggest mistake was not to check who could see his personal media accounts and the RESILIA story demonstrates just how easy it is for a cyber-criminal to engineer their targets into making innocent mistakes – putting organizations at risk. And then consider the potential organizational damage when 90% of cyber breaches come from human error…

So how does an organization – whose critical data and information could be placed at risk from a social engineer posing as one of your employees – help to educate their people on the risks and how they can reduce them?

At AXELOS we believe a new approach to cyber security and data protection awareness training is needed. One that puts people at the heart of an organizations response through effective, ongoing and practical training from RESILIA Frontline.

To learn more about the power of storytelling in cyber awareness learning and training, see our Power of Storytelling for Cyber Security Awareness Training page.

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Make your people your greatest defence against cyber attacks with RESILIA Frontline!

*Bob and Lisa are both fictitious names used for the purpose of this fictitious story only. Any similarity to a real person is not intended nor should it be inferred.

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